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It's Not Just What You Know. It's About How You Think and Your Beliefs.

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We Are Proud to Announce Our First Course Designed to Make You a Prosperous STR Business Owner

All of our courses, so far, have been built around empowering you to rewire your beliefs about money to work for you and not against you while giving you practical tips in regards to money. This one is designed to take you step-by-step through the process of creating a STR Business of your very own that has the potential of making you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams.

What is an STR Business?

STR stands for Short Term Rentals.  Instead of renting units for a year or more, you rent them out by the day or week.

What if I Don't Have Any Rentals?

Don't worry.  We designed this program for those who no longer wanted to be burdened with property ownership.

How Much Money Will We Need?

Like any business, there are start-up costs and we've compiled a list of what you'll need, where to get it, & what it will cost.

Not sure if Short Term Rentals are for you?

"And really Michelle has broken it down to give us a really wonderful idea of about how to break out of that self-imposed prison and the self-imposed belief systems that we don’t need...especially around money."

Merina Ty-Kisera

Sorry, the Money Masters Academy enrollment is closed .

But...you can join the waiting list to be notified as soon as we open enrollment again this fall 2018.


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