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Creating a Money Mindset

mindset money Sep 28, 2018

 "How you think about money determines how you receive it." – Michelle Russell

There is no doubt that a healthy money mindset will move you closer to your goals.  But the question is: how do we know if we don’t have a healthy mindset and how do we create one?  Easy.  If you aren’t where you want to be financially, you have a belief about money or wealth that is holding you back.  How do you change it?  Begin to recognize beliefs that are holding you back.  Discover what beliefs are working for you and which ones are working against you.

While a healthy money mindset attracts money easily, a poor money mindset repels money and pushes it away.  You need to get your mind right if you are to have any chance of being a prosperous and wealthy person.  All of your challenges can be found within your own beliefs about money, about wealth, and about being a person of wealth.

Why is it so hard to wrap our mind around money?

Well, there are quite a few reasons but the most important one and the most difficult to overcome is the fact that we have literally been a victim of our beliefs for so long that we don’t really recognize them as beliefs.  We see them as truths.  When it comes to money, we have adopted so many negative and repelling beliefs, that we have to make a conscious effort to retrain our subconscious in order to get things flowing in the right direction.  I like to say “flowing” because I believe that money is energy and as energy, there is a constant and abundant flow that has no limit. 

Sadly, though, many people think of wealth or money as being a limited thing or a finite amount somewhere…like a pile of money made into a pie.  They feel that there is only so much money in the world and that all the wealthy people are taking more than their share of this limited pie.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

First, more and more money is being created every single minute of every single day.  There is no “pie.”  There is something more like a great river that is constantly flowing.

Second, the flow of that river comes directly from Source.  What is Source?  Well, where do you think your source of income is from?  Your job?  Your career?  I believe that God is my source and I have an infinite God and, therefore, an infinite source. 

If you believe your source is limited, this may create a few problems for you.  One little pie feeding the whole wide world would make you think that in order for you to have, someone else may have to go without.  That puts you in a limited mindset, which may also make you desperate enough to believe that you might have to do something not entirely ethical in order for you to get some of that pie.  You may just have to take from another, trick them or steal from them, and you may not believe that you have enough to share with anyone else. 

As soon as you understand that money is unlimited and that it comes from a source that is also unlimited, you can begin to release any of those negative and repulsive beliefs. 

Years ago, there were no cell phones, no video games, no apps, no home computers.  It’s actually all within the last 50 years, my lifetime, that these products were created.  It is also within that same time period that the markets, the trillion-dollar industries surrounding them came into existence.  Money that never even existed before, now flowing from consumer to manufacturer.  There is more currency flowing now than ever before and that number grows by millions every day.   Want another staggering fact?  There are over 1,700 millionaires being created each and every DAY in the US alone.  There will be an estimated 3.1 million millionaires by 2020, in the next 15 months.  

So, believing in this limited pie theory is really a pile of horse manure.  There is more than enough to go around and more being created all the time.

So, why aren’t more people rich? 

Well, I just showed you that more and more people ARE becoming rich although if it is not something you are personally experiencing, it might not be real to you.  You are and you experience only what you believe to be true.  I understand how that might be hard to understand but stay with me on this. 

Imagine a child who is told over and over that they are good at math when in reality, they are not.  However, after being told they are over and over, they literally BECOME great at math.  Scientists have actually proven this in several studies.  Children who tested average or even below average in math have actually become exceedingly good at math by just being told that they were above average or that they had above average math skills and potential.  Science has shown us that children will adapt to what they are told more because they believe it and so they create it. 

Therefore, in turn, a child who is told that they aren’t good at math will most likely do poorly in math.  When a low score comes in on a test it will only confirm that belief or cement it in their belief system, if you will.  Now, what if you were told that you were poor.  That you would always be poor.  That it takes money to make money.  That wealthy people obtained their wealth by taking unfair advantage of others.  Ah, do you see where I’m going with this?  Yeah.  Some of the beliefs that you have about money and that you have about being wealthy may not actually be the truth.  They may just be beliefs.  Things that you have chosen to believe as truths but that are actually only opinions given to you by your parents or peers or your community or religion.  They aren’t true at all but you have held onto them as tightly as those children held on to the scores of those fake math placement tests. 

How can you tell if things are true or not?

One way, but it is not always as easy as it sounds, is to see if there is an acceptation to the rule.  Is there any case that goes against the belief?  For instance, if it takes money to make money, have you ever heard the story about the janitor who invested years of salary into investments and became wealthy enough to donate tens of thousands of dollars to the school where he worked?  It’s true.  And he wasn’t born wealthy.  He just saved his money and lived well within his means.

What about wealthy people being greedy?  Well, that one is easily dispelled.  Throughout history, there have been hundreds of philanthropists who have donated a huge portion of their incomes.  Right now, the founder of eBay, Pierre Omidyar, has donated over a billion dollars and he’s only worth about $6 billion, so that’s about 16% of his net worth.  Ted Turner has donated over $1 billion of his $2 billion net worth, so about 57% of his net worth.  I’d say that’s pretty generous.

And these guys didn’t take money from old ladies to create their wealth.  They provided services that people gladly paid for in order to build them.  So, there goes the belief that we have to do something unscrupulous in order to make our fortunes.  It’s just not true.

It’s sometimes difficult to find even one exception because we tend to not see what we don’t want to see.  If our belief is that we aren’t smart and we get a good grade on a test, we usually toss that outlandish belief away as a fluke: some kind of oddity that doesn’t belong within our belief system.  So, when you go looking for truth, make sure you aren’t tossing the baby with the bathwater.  It may be right there in plain sight but you do not wish to see it.

How do I begin retraining my subconscious?

First, if you are having money challenges, stop dwelling on the lack or the need for more money.  That only creates more of the same limiting beliefs and experiences.  Instead, focus and believe that you always have exactly what you need anytime you need it.  Begin counting the blessings you have and give thanks morning and night for those blessings.  Find examples of God’s (Source’s) love for you, for others, and His (or Her) generous nature.

Believe you are a money magnet, see it, repeat it throughout the day, and recognize opportunities to make money are always knocking at your door.  Wrap your mind around being wealthy and all the good that you can do for others when you are wealthy.

Be proactive with your money.  Don’t be afraid of it.  Make plans with it.  Set goals.  Pay of debts.  Create savings and invest it.  Give a percentage to charity.  Know what you have, what you are making, and where you are putting every penny.  Allow it to flow to you and through you from its abundant Source.

Keep a journal of your beliefs about money and wealth.  Recognize how those beliefs affect you and rewrite them if you must, in order for them to empower you and serve you better.  Then repeat the new beliefs every day, like a mantra, until it becomes a part of you.

We have some great meditations and affirmations that we will be posting in the next few weeks.  You will be able to download those for free and use them to begin retraining your subconscious for wealth. 

Michelle Russell

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September 2018



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