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The Power of Gratitude

gratitude mindset Nov 09, 2018


What is gratitude?  How do you show it?  When do you feel it?  And what, if anything, does it do for us? 

You would be surprised!

The definition of gratitude is being thankful, showing appreciation for a gift, or returning a kindness.  People, as a whole, aspire to be happy but some never seem to figure out just how to get to happiness.  They think, “if only this would happen, then I’d be happy.”  Sadly, they’ve got it backward.  Happiness usually comes first.  Being grateful is the key to finding happiness now.

People look for jobs to make them happy or people to make them happy but the truth is, and maybe the trick to happiness is, we should be happy first, before and during the journey towards our goals as well as after.  You see, scientists have now discovered that happy people are happy first with whatever situation they are currently in.  They don’t rely on anything to “make” them happy, they just are.  Consequently, those who have the belief that they will be happy when a certain scenario happens usually aren’t very happy at all.  For when a person achieves one goal, they usually set another higher and often more difficult goal, never dwelling on the happiness they promised themselves long enough. 

The most interesting part about gratitude is it requires so little of our time.  Scientists say that just stating 2 or 3 things you’re grateful for right before falling asleep increases your happiness and draws more situations to be grateful for to you.  Let’s elaborate.

Below are the 5 wonders of Gratitude:

  1. Gratitude attracts more of what we are grateful for. My friend Natasha says the universe is like Google.  If you type in “don’t show me red shoes,” Google will give you a bunch of red shoes.  You’ve got to learn to focus on what you’re grateful for and what better way than to count your blessings?  The universal law of attraction says that the things we think about we draw to us.  Then it makes sense to be grateful every day.  You become consciously aware of your blessings, seeing what you are thankful for clearly in your mind, feeling grateful, and, therefore, attracting more of those things into your life, like a Google search. 


  1. Gratitude reduces negativity. The habit of finding three new things to be grateful for every day reduces negativity in your life by forcing your mind to look towards the positive rather than focusing on the negative.  Focusing on what you are grateful for keeps you happy, light-hearted, and positive.  If you are having a challenge, gratitude brings you out of the box and allows you to see it from new angles.  Those who do this exercise are more positive because they recognize all the blessings and opportunities instead of seeing only closed doors.


  1. Gratitude improves problem-solving skills, helping us learn. We all have issues to fix, problems to solve, and hurdles to cross.  As we move forward in life, these barriers in our way may require some thinking and determination.  Being grateful, showing gratitude for what you already have, opens our mind to new possibilities and new connections. Gratitude opens our mind for change.  It gives us a perspective of improvement and opportunity, instead of feeling stuck.  We recognize our abilities to overcome and the tools we already have at our disposal.  Changing our focus from the problem to the solution, blinders are removed and potentials appear.  Grateful people are open to change and become even more grateful for the opportunity of learning something new.


  1. Gratitude improves relationships. As a kid, we were taught to say “thank you’. We were encouraged to make it a habit as parents and grown-ups often asked, “What do you say?” We replied with a drawn out, “Thank you.” In our family, we said Grace at dinner and prayers before bed.  The relationship we had as children with our parents, God and the other adults in our lives were improved by showing appreciation.  How do you feel knowing people appreciate you?  What impact does this appreciation have on your relationship with anyone?  Absolutely, showing or stating your gratitude for someone’s contribution to your life significantly impacts everyone involved.  Showing gratitude to your employees and co-workers lets them know you see their value and people who feel appreciated do their best to add even more value to the team.


  1. Gratitude makes us healthier. Science has also helped us to understand that having the “Attitude of Gratitude” is a healthy choice, too. When we are grateful, we are happier and when we are happier, we are naturally healthier on a cellular level. Giving thanks and being grateful has some of the healthiest consequences ever: long life, health, wealth, and prosperity.


Gratitude is an attitude, a habit, and a choice. When you are consciously grateful for the situations and people in your life, you will attract more things to be grateful for as a result.  Being happy and being grateful is a choice and a mindset.  It is a decision.  You must decide to be grateful and look for the things that make it so.  Make that choice today and help others to do the same.  Thanksgiving is a perfect time.  We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!  Be grateful!

Michelle R Russell

For the Prosperity Process

November 2018

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