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The Power of Rituals

goals habits rituals Mar 02, 2018

I’ve been on a reading binge this year.  I challenged myself and one of my accountability partners to read a book a week for the first couple months of this year.  I’d like to say that I can always read a book a week but sometimes I fall short and I’m lucky to finish a book a month.  However, this year I’ve been charging towards my goal, sword in hand, and I’ve done pretty well.

One of my favorite authors in the last month or so has been Brendon Burchard.  To tell you the truth, I had heard of him before, but only recently have I read his books.  After reading a couple, I decided to take a couple of his online courses.  Now, I’m a Brendon Burchard Groupie.  I’ve finished four of his courses since January (Valentine’s Day was two days ago).  I just can’t get enough. 

What made me just go nuts over this guy is that he taught me something so basic but it has literally impacted my life in a very small period of time.  What did he teach me?  The power of Rituals.

What Are Rituals?

Rituals are those little things you do at the same time every day.  Maybe you brush your teeth and wash your face every night before going to bed.  Maybe you do yoga each morning when you wake up.  Whatever it is that you do, when you do it at specific times throughout the day, it becomes a ritual.

You can create your own rituals and I have done just that.  I decided, like I said, that there were certain goals that I wanted to accomplish.  In order for me to accomplish those goals, there were certain things that I decided I had to do consistently, or daily, in order to make those goals a reality.  So, I set out to create some very empowering rituals for myself.  Nothing too difficult but certainly powerful if I dedicated myself to accomplishing them every single day.

What Are Your Rituals?

I read Davidji’s book last year on meditation and he got me started on his RPM; Rise, Pee, Meditate.  I decided then and there that I would make RPM a daily practice for myself.  Now, because of Brendon, it’s a daily ritual.  So, what are some rituals you have?  Do you make your bed each morning?  I do.  Do you exercise or walk your dog?  I do, too!  The cool thing about creating rituals is that you get to pick and choose for yourself.  No amount is too many or too few.  You get to decide.

What I do suggest, however, is that you choose at least a few rituals that are daily practices that will move you in the direction of your desired goals.  For instance, if you want to be healthier, you could make exercising for a half hour each morning a part of your daily rituals.  If you want to be happier, you can make writing down 3 things you’re grateful for every evening before bed a ritual (I do this in the morning and before bed).  I also do rituals in my business.  I set an alarm and do my social media pages each afternoon, making certain I do something on Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, and, of course, Facebook.  I also make sure I set an alarm so I don’t go off on some kind of tangent while I’m on those sites.  I’m a fairy at heart so I’m easily distracted but my rituals keep me on track.

Write Them Down Until They Become Automatic

I wrote my rituals down and posted them in my bathroom by my mirror where I can see them every morning when I get up and every evening when I am getting ready for bed.  For my daytime rituals, I posted them on my computer, just below the screen.  I’m a writer so I see them whenever I’m working.  I also posted one on the fridge and one on the pantry door to remind myself of my eating rituals that I created.  It’s incredible what I’ve been able to accomplish in just a  matter of weeks.  I feel empowered and I’m getting more accomplished than ever before.

My Challenge to You

Create your own rituals and share them on our Facebook page.  Obviously, only share what you’re comfortable sharing, but let us know what your goals are and how you are creating daily rituals that will move you closer and closer to those goals every day.  We would love to hear from you!


Michelle R Russell

For the Prosperity Process

March 2018


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